Because without a key, your Toyota vehicle will not allow any more keys to be programmed without changing the Engine Control Unit (ECU), the immobiliser and the smart box, which makes it a very expensive replacement. A replacement Toyota car key can cost in the thousands £££, so make sure you get a spare key NOW!

Toyota models manufactured post-1995 have an immobiliser system. This will shut off the engine if there is no correlating signal from the transponder microchip in the key and in some models the immobiliser is built into the key pick-up collar. However, Eydens Auto Locksmiths in Coventry can replace your Toyota key for these systems.

Eydens can replace your Toyota key

Transponder keys for Toyota vehicles are common for most models. This type of key does not have buttons, and the transponder is hidden inside the plastic shell and requires no batteries. This type of key is often used as a great alternative to a spare key instead of having a remote key.

Don’t wait until it is an emergency

Locked out of your Toyota or left stranded because your car keys have been lost, stolen or just don’t work? For quick, affordable, on-the-spot service, don’t call your dealer, call Eydens Auto Locksmiths in Coventry – we cover the Midlands.

We’ve been making spare Toyota car keys for motorists across the West Midlands for over 20 years and we’ve got pretty good at it. Not only that, but our teams are also trained professionals who have the latest equipment for key cutting and programming a spare key in our Coventry store or wherever you are.

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No waiting for your new Toyota key. It’s done while you wait.

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We buy in bulk so there are no lengthy order times.

Latest programming equipment

We can replace any car key and the latest Toyota models.


You can rely on service and quality – Members of the MLA and the ALA

Over 25 years as an auto locksmith

Finance solutions available

Times are tough and car keys are expensive which is why we can offer finance free of charge over 3 months, on any work we undertake over £60. Larger sales can be financed over 6 or 9 months.

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