Lost or Stolen

Eydens Auto Locksmith provides fast, easy service for replacing your car keys. If you think your lost key has been picked up by an opportunistic thief in the area, we are able to erase the stolen keys from a vehicle’s immobiliser box and ECU. We can re-code the locks to new combinations and produce new working car keys.

We will give you a quote that includes gaining entry to your car, key cutting, and key programming.

If you’ve been left stranded, we can come to you. Our mobile units are equipped with the latest tools and equipment to deal with any type of key replacement.

Or have your car towed. We carry huge stocks so we there is no waiting time whilst keys are placed on order.

How our lost key service works

Eydens Auto Locksmiths are fully trained professionals and are members of the ALA and the MLA which is why Coventry motorists have been calling us for the last 25 years.

If your car keys are lost, we have the specialist equipment and techniques to cut you a new key and programme it to work with your car’s ECU unit and immobiliser box. We carry blank car keys with us, as well as remote keys, smart keys and proximity keys, and can cut a new key using the key number or lock.

Open your car.

If you lost your only key, we can gain entry to your vehicle without any damage.

Cut the key

Usually, we determine the cut on your key using special lock picks and decoder, but, sometimes we will remove a lock to see how we need to cut the key.

The key is chipped with a transponder

For most cars (at least from 1995 onwards), we plug in a diagnostic tester to ensure the key can transmit and respond to the car.

Could your keys have been stolen?

Before you report the theft to the police, double-check all the places your missing car keys could be. If you feel sure that your car keys have been stolen, then call the police to get a case number. Your next call should be to Eydens Auto Locksmiths so that they can erase your stolen key from your vehicle’s immobiliser box and ECU. If needed, we will completely change the complete lock.

Once you know your car cannot be stolen, we can cut and programme a new set of keys, programmed so that they are the only keys that will be able to start your car.

Finance solutions available

Times are tough and car keys are expensive which is why we can offer finance free of charge over 3 months, on any work we undertake over £60. Larger sales can be financed over 6 or 9 months.

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