The Eydens Auto Locksmith way

Eydens Auto Locksmiths have over 25 years’years experience and the training, expertise, and equipment to replace most makes and models of car and van keys. Finding your car keys missing for any reason is not only extremely inconvenient, but the associated cost aggravates the situation. We aim to make the process as quick and as painless as possible and at a reasonable price.

Speak to an experienced, trained auto locksmith about your situation. He or she will then supply you with a no-obligation quote.

for us to attend to your car at a time to suit you. We will always call ahead to give you a 30-minute notification of our arrival.

We make your car key, wherever your vehicle is sited. Depending on the vehicle this can be as quick as 20 minutes, but some models take a bit longer.

If you decide to go to a dealer you will need to produce your V5 and proof of ID and then wait for a few days for the key to arrive. This is a particularly long wait of between 10 to 21 days if you have a vehicle from the VAG group from 2014 to date. There is then an arrangement to be made to get your vehicle to their site to be programmed, so this can be an extremely long process.

What to expect during the fitting

Your auto locksmith will expect to see some sort of identification for you and your vehicle just to ensure a lawful context. You can expect your key to be replaced in 20 minutes although some vehicles take longer but usually no more than an hour.

1. Gain entry.

If the car is locked, entry will be gained using specialist tools and techniques, without causing any damage to your vehicle.

2. Decode the lock

This is so that we can see how the key needs to be cut. In most cases, we can decode the lock using a specialist decoder.

3. Cut a new key.

We carry the right equipment to then carry out the key cutting on-site.

4. Programming the key.

We pair the transponder chip inside the key to your vehicle using our diagnostic key programming machine.

Money back guarantee

If in the unlikely event that we cannot supply and programme your key, there is no charge.

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