Don’t buy cheap, buy value for money

Car keys are expensive, but that is just part of owning a car today. The need to place as many deterrents as possible against car theft has driven technology that has added to the cost of car keys. If you contact your dealer to replace a lost, stolen, or broken car key, you will be shocked at the price to replace your car key.

On the other end of the scale, there are retailers offering cheap car keys, but being such an important item, you want to make sure that the cheap price doesn’t come with a helping of poor quality and service.

There is another way. Speak to an auto locksmiths specialist like Eydens, a member of the MLA and the ALA, and you will get the right balance of affordability, quality and the service of a professional auto locksmith who can guarantee their work.

Save time and money

Bulk buying and you don’t have to wait for keys on order.

No need for a tow. Saves time and money.

Saving time and money whilst ensuring quality.

Professionally trained, long-standing experience, MLA member, money-back guarantee*

*In the unlikely event we cannot supply and programme your car key for any reason there is no charge.

Affordable keys for most makes and models:

If you consider the average price of replacing a car key today at a dealership, it makes sense to use a professional auto locksmith. Based in Coventry, Eydens Auto Locksmiths have been assisting motorists with key, lock and security needs for the last 25 years.

A dealership will often have to order your key from abroad and has much bigger overheads to carry as part of a franchise group. Eydens Auto Locksmiths create like-for-like keys on the spot for all makes and models of vehicles at just a fraction of the cost.

In the case of an emergency, you can trust Eydens to be able to deal with your car key problem efficiently and speedily no matter the make or model, including:

Finance solutions available

Times are tough and car keys are expensive which is why we can offer finance free of charge over 3 months, on any work we undertake over £60. Larger sales can be financed over 6 or 9 months.

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