What to do in the event of car key theft

1. Secure your car

Try to ensure that the thieves can’t come back and steal your car. If you have a spare key, remove a spark plug or fuse. Perhaps try to block your car where it is parked with another car.

2. Report the theft to the police

This is so that you can obtain a crime reference number and follow any progress.

3. Call an ALA/MLA member auto locksmith

Even if you have a spare key, an auto locksmith will have the equipment to remove all programmed keys and de sync remote locking fobs.

4. Change the lock

Eydens can supply and install a new lock set so that your vehicle is protected from unauthorised entry by someone using your stolen key, often the same day.

How Eydens can help

Having your car key stolen can cause a real panic so we make getting you a replacement key and making your car secure as easy as possible.

If your stolen key was your only key, we can gain access to your car so you can remove any valuables.

Our mobile unit will come to you and erase the transponder serial number logged in your car so that it cannot be started with the stolen key.

Thieves cannot walk up and down pressing the remote to find a car when we remove keys from the immobiliser system and wipe off any programmed remote fobs.

Once you know your car cannot be stolen, we can cut and programme a new set of keys, which will be the only keys that will be able to start your car.

We can repair or replace your ignition lock and get your vehicle secured quickly. We can also supply replacement keys to work with your new lock.

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