Eydens specialise in supplying and coding new keys for the Ford Fiesta & all Ford vehicles, including the latest 2023 models. Our large stock of Ford fiesta keys allows us to supply all types of keys including transponder keys, remote keys, and proximity/smart keys whilst you wait. Replacing your Ford Fiesta car key couldn’t be simpler at a cost that will save you £££’s.

Replacement Ford Fiesta transponder keys

Transponder keys for Ford vehicles are common for most models. This type of key does not have buttons, and the transponder is hidden inside the plastic shell and requires no batteries. This type of key is often used as a great alternative to a spare key instead of having a remote key.

Only one Ford Fiesta car key?

Don’t wait for an emergency, replace it now.

Having just one car key is a disaster waiting to happen and it’s so easy to replace. Just one call to book with Eydens Auto Locksmiths and you’ll have your spare car key made within an hour. Not only that, but we’ll also come to you. But there are a few other reasons why you might need to replace your Ford Fiesta car key more urgently.

Stolen or lost Ford Fiesta key

For same-day mobile service to ensure your Ford Ka is safe from theft give us a call.

Spare Ford Fiesta key

key If you only have one care key, you’re just waiting for disaster to happen. Don’t panic later, get it now.

Locked out of your Ford Fiesta

Fiesta Let Eydens Auto Locksmith help you get into your car speedily and without any damage to your vehicle using the latest tools.

Broken Ford Fiesta key

or just worn out? We’ll cut a new blade and programme your key to your Ford Ka so it works just like new. Read more about key repairs.

Reasons to use Eydens to replace your Ford Fiesta car key

Mobile Key replacement service

We come to you.


No waiting for your new key. It’s done while you wait.

Keys are already in stock

We buy in bulk so there are no lengthy order times.

Latest programming equipment

We can replace any car key and the latest models.


You can rely on service and quality – Members of the MLA and the ALA

Over 25 years as an auto locksmith

Finance solutions available

Times are tough and car keys are expensive which is why we can offer finance free of charge over 3 months, on any work we undertake over £60. Larger sales can be financed over 6 or 9 months.

Contact us now to arrange a free quotation