Eydens Locksmith & Security have over 20 years of experience, and are members of both the MLA and the ALA, which is one of the reasons motorists across the West Midlands trust us with their car key and lock problems.


Eydens have been established as a store in Coventry since 1998 and offer a fully mobile service to motorists left stranded by lost, stolen or broken keys. Eydens Auto Locksmiths have excellent continuity in their surrounding community as well as having founder, Robert Eyden at the helm since inception. Rob has extensive experience as an auto locksmith with a deep level of knowledge of all things car and van security.

Our promise to our Customers…

You won’t be left stranded

Our aim is to provide motorists with the security of knowing that if they have a key mishap, Eydens will not leave them stranded.

Our store or your location

Motorists call us usually in an emergency for a replacement car key which can be provided by our mobile unit. But if you are passing our Coventry store, you can get your spare key made and get additional advice whilst your key is made on the spot.

A highly professional speedy service

We pride ourselves on providing an exceptionally professional service that is both speedy and cost-effective but does not stint on quality.

Up-to-date technology and tooling

Eydens continually invest in tooling and programming technology in line with the advances made within the car manufacturing industry and can provide car keys for most car makes and models. We don’t want any delays at the roadside, so we make sure we have the technology on hand to access and replace car keys quickly and painlessly.

Expertise and service excellence

We have been replacing keys and repairing locks for over 20 years and there isn’t a vehicle we haven’t been able to open. Our team are expert in car key replacement of any kind. They’re fully trained, CRB-checked, and insured and pride themselves on providing a fast, reliable, and highly professional auto locksmith service.

Mobile Service

We can come to you. A lot of the time, we get called with a key enquiry when it is an emergency. You’ve locked yourself out of your car, your car keys have been stolen, you’ve lost your car keys, or they have simply worn out.

Chances are you are not at home, but our mobile service can come to you wherever you are. We’ll gain access to your car and can then cut and programme a new key while you wait. No delays, and no key on order.

In the event of your key being stolen, we will give you the right advice and help you make your car secure by erasing the stolen key from a vehicle’s immobiliser box and ECU. We can then re-code the locks to new combinations and produce new working car keys.

We replace keys for a wide range of car brands

Our Coventry car key replacement service can cut new car keys and program fobs and remotes for most manufacturers including:

Non-destructive Entry

We take your security seriously and we understand how frustrating and stressful losing your keys and being locked out of your vehicle can be. Our locksmiths are specialists in NDE (non-destructive entry) which means that we can gain access to your vehicle without any damage.

Service Excellence

At Eydens Auto Locksmiths we pride ourselves on our expertise and levels of customer service. We are members of the MLA and ALA which means our locksmiths are strictly vetted and inspected on a regular basis to ensure high standards of workmanship and operation. For a fast, reliable and highly professional locksmith service call us now on 02476 933 993 or complete our contact form.

Coventry Store

We are based in Coventry and provide our services across the West Midlands, but the store gives you the opportunity to get a spare key cut before it becomes an emergency, look at a product, discuss services first-hand or get a quote.

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