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Why does my car key need programming?

It is because, since 1995 it has been a legal requirement that vehicles are fitted with an immobiliser system. To engage or deactivate the immobiliser, a transponder chip is fitted into the top of the car key or transponder key. The microchip contains a serial number that is unique to that key.

The transponder key is programmed to transmit a signal to the engine control unit and the immobiliser box and allows the car to start when it is inserted into the ignition. The key is programmed to start only one specific car, the one it was purchased with. A replacement or repaired key must be programmed using the same serial number so that it can signal and receive the correlating response, otherwise, any attempts to start the car will fail.

It’s simpler than you think

It might sound complicated, but no, you don’t have to go back to your dealer or have your car collected. Just give us a call and we’ll do the rest, for a lot less. We can replace and programme transponder keys for most makes and models of vehicles and carry all the equipment to carry out the work quickly and professionally.

Get a spare

If you buy a car with a transponder key, make sure you always get two keys. If there is only one available, why not order that spare key now instead of waiting for the day you need it in a hurry? Chances are, especially with second-hand cars, you won’t know what condition the key is in until it’s too late.

You can book an appointment for our mobile unit to visit you, or pop into our shop in Coventry.

Security when your car keys are stolen

For the most part, because of the technology, cars with transponder keys have been considered theft-proof, but they’re not.

So, if you are unfortunate enough to have your car keys stolen, make your report to the authorities and then give Eydens a call. We can erase the transponder serial numbers logged in your car, ensuring that whoever has your keys won’t be able to steal your car. We can also change your car locks or re-key them so that the stolen key cannot work in your lock keeping your vehicle and belongings safe. We can then replace your car key so that signal and response between the key and car match perfectly.

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