1. Tracking purposes and protection from crime

The biggest reason individuals or businesses have a tracker installed is so that it can notify them, anywhere in the world, if a vehicle is being moved by someone not authorised to do so.

2. Vehicle retrieval after theft

According to the DVLA, 58 000 vehicles were stolen in 2022 which is a jump of 18% on 2021 figures you’re your car is stolen, and it has a GPS tracker installed, you can quickly locate your car and alert the authorities.

3. Parenting reasons

Sometimes your son, daughter or another relative, could have driven your car away. Having a tracker keeps you informed as to where your teenager/relative took your car. If your young adult has just started driving you can keep an eye on them or find them in case of an accident.

4. Insurance savings

Some insurance companies will lower your car insurance premium if you have a GPS tracker installed. It may not be much, but the discount is still a good deal.

5. Running costs check

Really useful for commercial fleets, however, it’s also useful for individual owners. The data you have gathered can help your monitor and cut down on fuel and maintenance costs.

Tracking systems from Eydens Auto Locksmiths

Eydens is an ALA and MLA member and has extensive experience in car security.
We are able to give excellent advice on the type of tracking system that would be compatible with your car and fit it professionally.

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Our most common trackers are the S7 and S5+ Immo.

S7 Tracker

is an insurance-approved tracker, and a driver’s card must be present for the vehicle to be driven/moved. If the driver’s card is not present when the vehicle is driven, you receive a notification from the call centre informing you that the car is being moved without authorisation.

S5+ Imob Tracker

is an insurance-approved tracker, and some insurers will give discounts on your premium if you have an S5+ Imob tracker installed. In addition to the functions of an S7 tracker, the vehicle is immobilised unless a valid driver’s card is with the vehicle. NO CARD – NO DRIVE

Common tracker functions:

Real-time tracking

– ideal for delivery fleets to ensure the best fuel usage and delivery routes and timings, and for parents to keep a discreet but watchful eye on their new drivers.


– the facility to create virtual pre-programmed geographic “zones” so that every time a vehicle enters or leaves one of those zones the tracker triggers a push notification alert. This can be useful not only in cases of emergency but also to keep track of time on and off work locations.

Activity monitoring

– real-time and historic information for vehicle location, mileage logging, and geo-fence zones, all available at the click of a mouse or tap of a phone screen. Very useful for fleet managers to make improvements to their operations.


– once a stolen vehicle slows down to a speed where it’s safe to do so, a tracker.

Car rental companies have begun to install trackers in order to monitor their rental fleets, while trackers installed in food delivery vans can send an alert should the refrigeration unit malfunction.

Finance solutions available

Times are tough and car keys are expensive which is why we can offer finance free of charge over 3 months, on any work we undertake over £60. Larger sales can be financed over 6 or 9 months.

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