Help! I’ve lost my Toyota car key…

.. and replacing it is going to cost a fortune.

Why Toyota car keys are so expensive to replace?

If you have lost all your Toyota car keys, the cost of replacing them can really sting. If you are approaching your dealer for a replacement, it’s because they will want to change the car’s ECU (Engine Control Unit) which is an expensive added cost. So, your new car key plus a change of ECU can cost as much as £2500. There are no shortcuts because the type of ECU they install is dependent on the model type (and this applies to Lexus and Daihatsu vehicles as well).

I’ve lost my keys, what do I do?

So, before you pass out at the cost of replacing your Toyota car key, it’s always a good idea to go through some basic steps to see if they can be recovered:

Try retracing your steps.

My typical go-to reasons are putting them in a jacket pocket and then wearing another jacket later that day or leaving my keys in the boot while I’m unloading it. Everyone has mislaid keys at some time or another and they can be found if we just think back over the last day or two.

Could they have fallen out of your pocket?

This is probably retracing your steps too, but keys have fallen out of a pocket during a walk or on public transport and in those cases, your keys might be a little harder to find.

The Eydens option can save you £££s.

At Eydens Auto Locksmiths we pride ourselves in being car key replacement specialists, so we have always invested in the latest technology, which in 99% of cases means that we don’t have to replace the ECU. The results are a huge cost-saving for our customers, and we are able to get them back on the road a lot quicker.

How we replace your Toyota car key

Our process involves removing the ECU from the vehicle so that we can just write a new key directly into the ECU. It can still be quite an involved process and some of the work we do on other models such as the Citroen C1 and the Peugeots 107 and 108 can prove trickier as they are based on the Toyota Aygo. But, again with the right equipment can program keys directly in the ECU saving customers ££££.

Some tips to avoid losing your keys in the future.

  • Try keeping your keys in the same place at home or in the office rather than in different places every day.
  • Put them in a deep or zip-up pocket when you’re out walking.
  • There are services that attach a tag to your keys, so it is easier to get your keys back if they are found by someone else.
  • You could look at car insurance that includes replacement keys as part of your deal.
  • If you think they have been stolen, have a look at our page on stolen car keys.

Remember, there’s no need to panic!

If you do lose your keys in the future, don’t panic. Take a deep breath, have a cup of tea and retrace your steps. If all else fails, call a professional auto locksmith who has the latest technology to give you a cost-effective option.

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