Who should replace my Jaguar or Land Rover car key?

Quite simply, it will be your dealer or a professional, specialist auto locksmith. You can trust them to have continually invested in new tools and a specialist auto locksmith will keep the latest dealer-level software.

Replacing your Jaguar or Land Rover car key can be eye-wateringly expensive, but when you have invested this much in a vehicle you can’t risk lowering its value if inferior replacement work is carried out. You will take some time and consideration in choosing whom to approach when replacing your new vehicle keys.

Down to one car key?

I forgot! it didn’t seem important, I’m always in a rush! These are often the reasons why a Jaguar or Land Rover owner never replaces a car key when one goes missing. The other reason of course is the cost. But something to bear in mind is that if you ever came to sell your vehicle, a second key can have a real impact on its value. It can also take you longer to find a buyer, so replace that missing car key as soon as you can.

Why car key replacement became so expensive?

From 2015 – 2018/19 Jaguar and Land Rover tried to stop vehicles from being stolen by locking the KVM (immobiliser). The KVM is where the keys are programmed to the vehicle so a new key could not be programmed to the vehicle. Because of this, Jaguar Land Rover had to replace the entire KVM when replacing your lost key/s which is extremely expensive.

In 2019, Jaguar Land Rover then changed the security of their vehicles by using a different key and KVM. Again when you replaced your key you are required to replace the KVM

Replacing your Jaguar or Land Rover car key can be quick and painless.

Eydens are auto locksmiths and security specialists which is why we invest in the latest technology, both tooling and software, that allows us to program keys directly in the KVM of vehicles up to 2019 (approx.). Even if your vehicle is locked, we can gain access and save you so much more than going to your dealer. Whether we are supplying and programming a replacement spare key, or all of your keys, it couldn’t be easier.

If your Jaguar or Land Rover is on the later key and KVM system (approx. 2019+) we can still help as we have the latest dealer diagnostic software and can replace your KVM and provide you with new keys.

We come to you!

Eydens can bring their technology and assistance to you. Whether you are at home or at work, just call and book us in at 02476 933 993. It couldn’t be easier.

Just a few more reasons you can trust a professional auto locksmith.

  • Over 25 years as an auto locksmith
  • Professional You can rely on service and quality. Member of the MLA and ALA.
  • Latest programming equipment We can replace any car key and the latest models.
  • Quick No waiting for your new key. It’s done while you wait.
  • Keys are already in stock We buy in bulk so there are no lengthy order times.

Contact us now to arrange your Jaguar or Land Rover replacement car key at 02476 933 993.